Memory of Another

toisenmuisto_nelio copy

Resin, pencil on paper, personal objects
20 cm x 13 cm / each

I went through my family photos, most of them over sixty years old. I looked at all the familiar looking faces, thought about the link I have with them, the special connection we must share through my genes and heritage. When I looked at one photo I was sure I recognized the familiar features in their faces and felt the connection as if looking at my own memories. As I turned it around I found a description that woke me up from my dwelling. The people in the photo weren’t my family, they were just strangers passing by. I was so deep in my own nostalgia it blinded me. I had to wake up and realize the fact I myself created my own illusion of a connection. I didn’t only realize that I could be just as well looking at strangers, but more importantly I actually really was looking at strangers, no matter who they were.

In this series my connection to the people in the portraits is everything and nothing at the same time. They are all from my family album but only some of them really are my relatives. They are connected to me only through their image, not as who they really are or were.