Sanni weckman sanniweckman Hillevi kudonta
Handwoven tapestry from recycled weft to cotton warp
215cm x 300cm

( This work was also exhibited as a work in progress as a weaving performance. You can find the weaving performance here.  )

My grandmothers physical health started collapsing overnight in the early winter of 2014. She passed away few weeks later as a complication of a major stroke. I had already planned that we would assemble her old loom and weave a rya rug together. The loom stayed unbuilt, and the questions remained unanswered.

I have never woven a fabric, a tapestry, nothing. Not with a loom nor with hands. I have never had the need to. The women of my generation enjoy the freedom that our mothers and their mothers did not have the right: we can live our whole life without knitting a single sock, ironing a single tablecloth or even not stitching a single tear. With this freedom comes something even better: a privilege. Everybodys right to do these tasks by our own will and desire. Through these crafts we are conjoining with the auricular tradition that has been passed on for centuries and milleniums.

My tapestry is woven like a traditional rag rug, with recycled textiles, such as sheets and clothes. By this, it gives these no longer needed commonplace textiles a new life, a value to something seemingly worthless.


sanni weckman hillevi sanniweckman sinkka kerava