Osmo with horse

Sanni Weckman

Tufted textile from recycled yarn
205 cm x 180 cm


My grandfather is standing next to a horse in an old photograph. The horse is harnessed for field work. This horse and others like it have worked the fields that I’ve walked all my life, worked to give money and food for my family. 

The breed of the animal, Finnhorse, has literally built this land through its labor. In the fields, in the forests, even in the war grounds. With all this you could imagine in its time as a beast of burden it was a respected and loved companion. But as it is with all that is easy to imagine and reminisce, it probably isn’t quite so simple. Reading into just a few studies on fairly recent history seems to paint a picture of the animal simply as a tool. It exists to be used until it cannot be useful.

The way we look into the past has a changed tone of respect, but has it got the acknowledgment of what it cost and who (or what) paid the price.

The act of using animals as a tool hasn’t declined, merely changed its appearance.


// Making of this art work was supported by Taike