SANNI WECKMAN is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer living in Tampere, Finland. Born in 1993 on Midsummer’s Eve in Urjala, she grew up in a farm surrounded by forest and nature. After studying in youth art schools from a young age, she continued to study graphic design and graduated as a Visual Artisan from Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design. Now studying Fine Arts in Tampere University of Applied Sciences, she has continued to experiment on variety of techniques and skills.

Weckman’s works have been presented in several group exhibitions and screenings. In 2014, her drawing won a competition held by Anetcom, TAMK and Aamulehti, and was displayed as a 10 meter long print on a building wall in the centrum of Tampere. Her illustrations and design have been published in magazines, book covers, posters, publications and leaflets.

As a sideproject, Weckman also does handprinted textile products and other design products for her own small brand called Huh huh.

Using painting and drawing as her most common media, she also works regularly with sculpting, printmaking and video. Her repeating visual theme is a portrait of a human and how it repeats itself in history and in existence.


I am searching for a crack in the surface.

A leak.

An overflow.

A flood.