SANNI WECKMAN is a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer living in Helsinki, Finland.

As a visual artist Weckman mixes traditional portrait imagery with unconventional techniques and materials. Weckman founds inspiration for the techniques from DIY-culture and traditional folk crafts. Materials can vary from textile to flowers or anything imaginable, everything can be used to paint an image. The material, the technique and the portrayed image all tell their own stories inside one art piece.

Weckman has graduated as a visual artist from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and is now doing master studies in Aalto University. Weckman’s works have been presented in various museums and galleries such as Amos Anderson Art Museum. Next exhibitions with Weckman’s works are in Jyväskylä Art Museum and in Kajaani Art Museum.

I am searching for a crack in the surface.

A leak.

An overflow.

A flood.